25 November

PileJax Success Story – Gold Coast

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14 October

PileJax Announcements Oct/Nov

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30 June

PileJax Mid-year News

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23 May

PileJax Winter News

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19 May

Steel Pile Corrosion Impacts

Accelerate low water corrosion (ALWC) ALWC can occur in areas away from the low water band and can be caused by microbial influenced corrosion (MIC) on steel piles. MIC is due […]

16 March

Western Australia Installation

One of our latest repair installations was a great success on the Fern Road Bridge which required the repair of 33 piles in the suburb of Welshpool, Western Australia. The 2 […]

26 February

PileJax International Feature Article

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PileJax is featured in the international Pile Buck Magazine Feb 2016 Edition. Click the below link to read the full article.  PileJax in Pile Buck Vol. 32 No.1 2016

20 November

Factors that can cause river pile repair issues

In comparison to most engineering feats, repairing of jetty and bridge piles seems a straight forward process.  As a result, through our experience, we have found that some factors which […]

20 October

Creature assaults on wood piles

The seemingly harmless naval shipworm tunnels into underwater piers and pilings and is a major cause of damage and destruction to submarine timber structures (and the hulls of wooden boats). They […]

7 July

PileJax systems for popular Gold Coast Bridge

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PileJax was recently awarded the supply of its PileJax jacketing systems by specialist contractors Alder Constructions for installation into the Gold Coast City Council Monterey Keys Bridge.  Monterey Keys is a […]