Joinlox helps Commonwealth Games success

Posted by on Mar 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

With the 2018 Commonwealth Games being held on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast the race was on before the first starter’s gun was fired to ensure all the venues and infrastructure was ready to showcase to the world.



One vital project was the remediation of the Thrower Drive road bridge to ensure the readiness of the route for the long distance running and cycling events. Local contractor Raw Worx was awarded the time-critical project to repair and remediate the reinforced concrete piles of the bridge in time for the Games to commence.

The PileJax pile repair solutions, being the fastest marine pile encapsulation repair systems available, were awarded the contract due to their fast installation benefits to have the bridge ready for the eyes of the world watching the Games, whilst importantly also extending the life of the vital road bridge for many years after the final race was finished.