PileJax Awarded Major Supply Contract as part of the US$549M Doha Port Redevelopment

Posted by on Jan 16, 2019 in Case Studies, Feature Topic, News, PileJax
PileJax Systems will be used to refurbish and protect all of the structural pile infrastructure in the Doha Port as the booming global city prepares to host the World Cup in 2022.

The successful PileJax Systems have again proven to be the superior method of marine pile refurbishment having overcome all other methods during an extensive worldwide selection process by leading engineers, marine construction specialists and the Qatar Government.

Rather than replace the ageing pile infrastructure, the strong and durable PileJax Systems will be used to refurbish and protect all of the structural piles at the Doha Port for decades at a fraction of new replacement cost.

The patented PileJax repair systems have been proven over many years having been specified and successfully installed to remediate port, wharf, jetty and bridge structures around the world. Engineered to be suitable for any marine structure the PileJax solutions are universally ideal for any Steel, Concrete or Timber piled structures. The innovative jacketing design is delivered ready to install immediately without specialist personnel, equipment or tooling, to deliver step-change savings to both construction contractors and the asset owners of the vital infrastructure.

Congratulations to the PileJax team and we look forward to continuing to solve the world’s ageing infrastructure problems!