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PileJax Rapid Pile Repair Systems are installed at least 2 times faster than any other pile repair method saving substantially on time, labour and equipment costs to deliver a durable long term repair and protection solution for all marine structures.  PileJax has been proven internationally in numerous projects to save costs and extend the working life of variety of marine structures.


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PileJax solutions revolutionise pile repair and long-term protection in wharf, bridge, pier, jetty and infrastructure assets under many challenging environmental conditions.

The engineered PileJax systems have been rigorously tested and proven to provide durable marine protection for all pile material including timber, concrete and steel and are suitable for all sizes and cross-sections.  The simple and fast 3 step process provides superior pile repair and protection every time.

The internationally patent protected PileJax range incorporates the innovative Joinlox assembly technology to provide a continuous, strong and sealed axial joint the height of the jacket to enable faster installation, strengthening and increased long-term durability.

QR Burnett River Rail Bridge Web Photo Low ResPileJax systems consist of a strong and durable FRP construction, are fully non-metallic and will not corrode or rot. PileJax Systems are composed of encapsulation jackets, are manufactured from high quality composite materials to provide long-term protection in any conditions and are compatible with all good quality grouts, resins, protection and strengthening materials.

PileJax systems are delivered anywhere in the world, ready to fit without specialist tools and eliminate the need for fasteners and tricky hand-application of wraps or gels.  Also available are a range of easy to use installation aids including proprietary bottom seals, annular spacers, pumping ports and other items.  The complete PileJax system makes site works easier, faster and safer to get your project completed and extend the life of all marine infrastructure.

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PileJax is suitable for all pile profiles

461 Boats Passage Transportation web low resAdditionally, by utilizing the proven composites materials instead of steel jackets, the need for costly cathodic protection systems is eliminated.

      • Rapid installation – no time consuming fasteners or straps to deal with
      • Greatly reduced labour and dive times for underwater installations
      • Reduced overall installation, repair and rehabilitation costs
      • Ideal for any profile steel, concrete, or timber pile protection
      • Fully non-metallic, proven durable materials for long term protection
      • Will not corrode, tear, rot or suffer from marine growth
      • Safer, lighter and easier to handle in restricted areas
      • Eliminates costly cathodic protection systems
      • Proven materials in the harshest marine applications to provide structural pile strengthening and environmental barrier protection against corrosion, AAR, ASR, erosion, marine growth, flotsam, wood borers and rot in timber piles
      • Patented, innovative system boasting more uniformly loaded joins that are faster and stronger than conventional bolted flange designs and unreliable strapped / lap joints
      • PileJax systems are designed to suit any diameter, profile or pile configuration

Contact Joinlox to find out how we can solve your ageing infrastructure problems. Reduced repair costs and ongoing maintenance savings means you can rehabilitate more within your budget to extend the working life of all wharf, jetty, bridge, offshore and other structures.


507 Piles Lands End Case Study WEB V3

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