Stop paying to transport air! Ideal for rural, remote and isolated island locations, the Joinlox Stackable Tank designs enable storage tanks to be manufactured using standard methods, and then efficiently stacked for land or sea transport to remote locations anywhere in the world.


When the tank arrives at site, the lid is quickly and easily assembled in minutes.  Providing a strong, permanent and watertight seal that will not buckle or warp like bolted or screwed joints. No more messy sealants! Providing a fully sealed lid joint preventing any leaks or ingress of mosquitoes, frogs or other pests.

Designed specifically for the PE rotational moulding process, this solution means you can expand your market channels and compete with any local market, but keep your manufacture centrally-located and benefit further by increased sales and production volumes.

Contact Joinlox to learn how you organisation can incorporate the Joinlox technology into your tank product offering.