Engineering partner for industry advantage

We partner with you to deliver tangible business results through leading-edge engineering solutions ensuring you are always at the top.

Our deep commitment to understanding your needs, synergised with superior engineering solutions, enhance the success of your business results.

Our investment and focus on research and development means we provide our customers a continuing competitive advantage.

Our clients span the globe and operate in diverse industries. We have helped provide innovative solutions to governments and some of the world’s largest industry leading organisations including construction, building, civil and marine engineering, industrial and mining.


Tangible business success

We are committed to delivering new engineering concepts and innovations that provide unparalleled time; labour and whole-of-job cost savings and adapt to changing market and client needs.

Joinlox solutions enable businesses to be smarter, more efficient and effective, whist providing a quality result every time.



Innovation in action

Innovation is at the core of all Joinlox engineering solutions.  Innovation brings ideas to life, makes growth happen, expansion possible and takes you from where you are now to the next level.

Businesses need to be renewed and visualised with fresh eyes. Successful businesses are continually looking out over the horizon. They focus beyond the day-to-day operations and traditional ways of doing things to visualise where they will be in the future.

Partnering with Joinlox means these visions become the reality.

Deep market focus

We have a deep understanding and engagement with our key markets.  This means we can deliver to our clients’ solutions that provide proven streamlined implementations, reduced whole-of-job costs, and long-term sustainability.

We do this with a relentless focus on safety, a commitment to cost-savings and sustainable solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

We’re global, and we’re local

We’re located around the world where our clients are today and where they need us to be tomorrow. Their needs help drive our business, so we expand our offerings, locations, and team to best serve them when and where they need us.

We have a global network of partners, sales, service and distribution hubs that share common values and commitment to customised service.  This network communicates seamlessly across geographically dispersed locations to help clients find the best solutions for every situation.  We pride ourselves on our supportive company atmosphere.

Ethical business is at our core

Another key component to our success is our commitment to conducting business ethically, safely and fairly – and we expect our partners to do the same. We expect all stakeholders and industry partners to follow our Supplier Code of Conduct when dealing with us, our clients, and the projects they work on with us.

Environmentally conscious

Joinlox is committed to achieving a clean and healthy environment by providing services and products, and conducting operations and activities that will be protective of natural resources.

Joinlox technology can reduce the environmental impact of a broad range of products and structures.  It reduces the materials needed in part joints and can be rapidly assembled, disassemble and reused/recycled.  Solutions can be more cost-effectively packed and transported more efficiently thereby reducing costs and environmental impacts.  Joinlox technology enables servicing of previously one-use discarded parts, saving millions of tons of raw materials and greenhouse gases. Longer-lasting products means less landfill waste.

All employees are committed to making all Joinlox workplace environmentally safe and healthy and to ensure that we achieve statutory compliance and demonstrate due diligence in our corporate responsibility for our environment and stewardship of the earth.  We follow an Environmental Policy when dealing with all our clients and the projects we work on and expect all our partners, agents and distributors to do the same.