Joinlox systems can be designed to suit almost any product or industry application. We deliver unique solutions to major organisations in a variety of markets throughout the world.

Proven fluid service model

Being client-centred is at the core of everything we do. We are here to help deliver your business goals and needs by providing innovative solutions that help deliver your business goals and needs.

Our fluid service model enables you to choose what type and level of service you require for any stage of your business requirements.

Our relentless pursuit for client satisfaction means our engineered innovations are used by numerous leading edge multinational companies.  We save our clients millions of dollars each year and deliver innovative solutions that are changing the way entire industry sectors operate.

Our services include:

Concept and design analysis

The Joinlox team of experienced CAD designers and engineers can work with you to understand your business and your clients and provide new solutions for you markets.

Designing, CAD modelling and FEA

By utilizing computer generated FEA programs, our experienced design team can ensure accurate load case definition, effective interpretation and analysis of results. Delivering your organisation meaningful three-dimensional drawings and animations of your parts in an assembly, use or servicing context. The Joinlox team can test and optimise products, sub-assemblies, components and their joints.

Create prototypes

Joinlox can rapidly prototype the solution in bonded particle, plastics resins or metals.


Assembly, testing, trail and certification stages can be undertaken to refine the solution.


Joinlox can assist with sales, manufacture and distribution strategies and support in global markets.


Service options