What are Joinlox Systems?

‘Innovative joining solutions to some of the world’s largest industry-leading organisations and governments.’

Joining perfection makes man-made success

It’s a simple, important and yet often overlooked engineering fact that to create anything man-made you must join things together.

The joining of materials creates everything that we depend on in our daily lives including products, machines, buildings, cars, aeroplanes, bridges, large civil structures, mining and excavation equipment, pipes, computers and technology, medical innovations, water and storage solutions to name a few.

Joinlox patented technologies are proven cutting edge engineering solutions that make the simple, yet highly imperative task of joining perfect every time.

Our joining innovations are embedded in the technology, products and processes of leading edge multinational companies and governments on a global basis saving them millions of dollars and reductions in labour costs.

How it works

Nature’s engineering in man-made creations

Joinlox is the leader in joining assembled parts and structures.

Joinlox solutions were inspired by natural engineering perfection. Utilising the principles of biomimicry, Joinlox designs have been inspired by the way clams attach themselves to rock ledges using anchors at the end of hundreds of small filaments, called byssus threads.

These threads, although thin and flexible, have a high tensile strength producing a very strong hold when their combined strength is added together.  This natural engineering perfection has been applied in Joinlox’s innovative engineering solutions.


Business benefits

Joinlox cuts costs in a number of business areas. These include:

  1. Manufacturing – less parts, quicker and safer assembly, simpler designs
  2. Materials – less materials and less quantities of parts or components
  3. Transport – products can be made in parts, flat-packed for transport and assembled quickly and easily on site
  4. Servicing – using Joinlox, many products can now be disassembled, fixed and then re-assembled throughout the life of the product
  5. Recycling – Joinlox makes it easier and cost-effective to both recycle and re-use materials.


The details

Technical superiority

  • Joinlox is a range of strong and versatile mechanical joining systems that allow simple, safe and efficient assembly, without complex methods, processes or multiple parts.
  • Joinlox delivers a uniformly loaded join by spreading the loads and forces evenly across the entire join.
  • With a Joinlox solution, traditional, time consuming, labour intensive joining methods such as nuts, bolts, screws, welding and adhesives are no longer used.
  • can simultaneously reduce failure risks and costs and enables the easier adoption of high-strength, state-of-the-art composite materials.
  • Joinlox can simultaneously reduce failure risks and costs and enables the easier adoption of high-strength, state-of-the-art composite materials.
  • In most cases only a single one-step process will complete the join.
  • Joinlox technology can join traditionally incompatible materials as well as objects that have complex curved edges.
  • Joinlox technology provides simple self-alignment of joint components.