Electrical and Environmental Boxes

Joinlox enabled Electrical and Environmental Enclosures – BoxLox – provide a simple, quick and easy IP-rated solution for enclosures or junction boxes of any size.

BoxLox can be used for any plastic, mild or stainless steel sheet metal construction. By simply locking the Joinlox key into position, the seal provides a uniform sealing force to provide greater IP ratings without the usual higher costs. BoxLox does not require screws or fasteners to achieve an impenetrable seal.

BoxLox is quick to install, with no risk of cracking caused by over-tightening of screws. It can also be opened and closed repeatedly for ease of serviceability and can come with internal mounts or DIN-rail options.

Importantly, there is no need to drill fixing holes through the enclosure to mount on rails or walls. BoxLox simply locks into position, in any orientation, without compromising the secure enclosure. BoxLox is adaptable and scalable to suit any size or application, and can also be retrofitted to existing installations.

  • Can achieve higher IP Ratings for no extra cost.
  • No screws, bolts or loose fasteners
  • No risk of over-tightening
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Can be nested for lower transport and storage costs
  • Suitable for buildings, automotive, marine or other OEM applications