Returnable and Reusable Packaging Solutions

Joinlox enabled containers provide easy, cost-effective packaging, storage and logistics solutions

Containers of almost any shape, size and material can benefit from the unique, lightweight Joinlox system by enabling rapid, intuitive assembly at packaging or dispatch point, shipped by air, surface or sea freight, then at destination can be quickly disassembled and flat packed for return and re-use many times over.

The Joinlox system can be applied to returnable packaging and storage containers (RPC’s) of any size and shape, either open or sealed, can even be locked with tamper-proof security if required.

Suitable for crates, boxes, containers, pallet containers and virtually any custom-shaped container. Also suitable for liquid storage drums and buckets to enable drums to be easily split, cleaned, nested for cost-efficient freight back to point of origin for re-use. There are no fasteners or loose components and in most cases can be assembled by hand in seconds.

Integrating Joinlox into your packaging lifecycle can reduce the enormous expense and environmental cost of one-use only packaging crates and drums.




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