Construction Formwork Solutions

Joinlox reusable Formwork solutions make erection and stripping fast, simple and safe.

Rapid. Reusable. Recyclable.

By incorporating the revolutionary Joinlox technology into almost any reusable or bespoke concrete formwork configurations you begin to reap the cost-savings immediately. Our assembly solution enables your formwork systems to be transported easily, erected and then stripped faster than traditional formwork methods.

The rugged Joinlox system can be designed to suit column, panel or manhole forms out of lightweight PE or FRP as well as traditional, timber, ply, aluminium and steel formwork. Joinlox solutions will soon be available for wall and slab formwork also.

The Joinlox design does away with time-consuming fasteners, seals against any leaks and can withstand even the most ambitious pour rates. Easy to clean, stack and transport ready for the next job. Time and time again.