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The Striplox Accessories range has been provided so that we take away the headaches of where to find and what to use in the installation of Striplox into your projects, Simply making your installations and bespoke builds quicker and easier by having available the fast fix jigs for hidden fastening of cabinetry and panelling, recommended Adhesive if required and the exact cutting tools ensuring the best fit these solutions will save you time and money.

Starter Kits

small starter Kit

Striplox starter kits are an ideal way of trialling the Striplox range.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 43 pc kit with carry case
  • 78 pc kit with carry case

The starter kits also include position jigs.


Liquid-0987-320x250Liquidlox is a general purpose, middle viscosity, high strength fast cure adhesive compatible with all Striplox assembly products and a wide range of substrates.

  • Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
  • Colour: Colourless Transparent
  • Service temperature range: -50 80˚ C
  • 15 Second quick cure

Striplox Cutters & Routers

The Striplox Routers & Cutters produce an accurate and reliable positioning slot or cavity to suite the assembly of Striplox products
7mm Cut Diameter – 1/4” shank diameter (suits Mini’s) – Height 20mm made from Tungsten Carbide cutting head
10mm Cut Diameter – 2/5” shank diameter (suits Megalox, Shelflox Extendable) – Height 20mm made from Tungsten Carbide cutting head

Striplox Mark-Out Template


The Striplox Mark-Out Template speeds up the manufacturing processes by enabling the easy fitment of the Striplox range of joining solutions. The tough and durable clear plastic template features centre points, markings, slot guides and can be used as a 3mm packer for the following Striplox products.

  • Striplox Pro 55
  • Striplox Pro 23
  • Striplox Clip 50
  • Striplox Mini 60
  • Striplox Mini 120
  • Striplox 90D 98

Striplox Jigs

Striplox jigs Final Web 16 V3
The Striplox Jigs aid in the installation saving time during fitment, Easily identifiable in red with hardened centre points in both components to mark all common substrates allowing for fast and efficient mounting of the Striplox products on the job site.

Striplox use is subject to variable materials and conditions. Technical information and load capacities are a guide only without warranty.


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