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Striplox Clip 50 Connector system offers a simple yet effective solution to fixing furniture, panels, cabinetry and interior fittings to most structures with its patented design, globally recognised for its strength versatility and ease of use.

Striplox Clip 50 connectors are available for smaller scaled projects up to larger commercial/architectural projects. The Striplox unique design evenly spreads the weight load across the entire length of the locking key, allowing for flexibility in installing panel sheeting to frames whilst accommodating for existing walls that may be slightly out of square. The Striplox Clip 50 will lock into position every time.

A key feature of the Striplox Clip 50 is that the Key portion has the ability to swivel* to allow accurate lock up in any direction. The Striplox Clip 50 can be surface mounted which will allow for electrical and data cabling to be effectively concealed, or if you are requiring a flush finish then a 50mm router can be used to cut into the substrate in the required position.

Striplox Clip 50 locking up strength will give you satisfaction that your project can be securely fastened to the wall, framing, furniture or structure. You can also remove the locking tab for a non-permanent option.

Alignment positions are a feature of this product for fast accurate installation and Striplox has a mounting jig available to speed up this process.

  • Swivel of the Key portion is when using 1 screw in the centre position.

Striplox Clip 50 connectors can be used on a variety of applications ideal for fastening and connecting:

  • Walls, cabinetry, feature panels
  • Commercial wall panelling and office partitioning
  • Enhanced performance of acoustic panelling
  • Interior fittings such as décor frames (Art, Memorabilia, Mirrors, etc)
  • Furniture construction and interior fitting
  • Shop fitting displays and signage
  • Exhibition and trade events
  • DIY garden sheds and patios
  • RV and Marine fit-outs

Striplox use is subject to variable materials and conditions. Technical information and load capacities are a guide only without warranty.



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